liek mudkipz?


THAT'S RIGHT! Pokemonathon has been reborn! The same challenge you love, but harder, better, faster, stronger, and on a site people actually use on the regular. Because let's face it, LJ is deader than disco.

Were you mid-challenge? NO WORRIES. If you're a member of this comm, just notify us at pokenautelite at gmail dot com.  You've obviously already proven yourself, so you can skip the application process! Before posting, take a moment to refresh yourself on the rules. There's been some minor tweaks during the transition.

Don't worry, we won't be closing this LJ comm. It's going to stay up as an archive of our glorious history and monumental achievements. But as far as us mods are concerned, the main event is on Tumblr. Come with us! Let's class up all them Instagram hipsters.

Questions? Comments? I can clarify whatever you want to know in the comments to this post. You can also email your question to pokenautelite at gmail dot com, or send an ask to the new Tumblr (iirc, you do not need an account to send an anonymous message).

And for reference, YOUR TUMBLR ELITE 4:

We are at your service! Now check out the new digs!

033 - Nidorino!

So I bought a cintiq tablet and received it yesterday, and instantly digital art has become 100 times easier.  I decided to use Pokemonathon as a test subject because, why not?  :D

Larger Image Here: Nidorino!

I'm really in love with this "being able to look down at what I'm drawing" thing, so there will probably be tons more Pokemon coming in the near future.  They really make great test subjects when you're trying to learn something new!  :)