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Drawing 151 Pokémon

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Pokémonathon is an elite art challenge comm for people that want to try to draw ALL Pokémon. It's a closed membership comm for people that want to apply and post art, and as I said, it's an elite art comm so we're not going to be approving everyone. Please read the rules and apply if you feel you are up to it.

If you only want to WATCH the comm and comment and NOT post art, ONLY WATCH THE COMM DO NOT JOIN IT. To add it to your friendslist only, click here.

If you want to try to join TO post art, first READ THE RULES BELOW, then if you feel you're up to the challenge, JOIN THE COMM, and THEN post an application here with examples of art so we can decide whether or not you can be accepted.

Also, when you DO join, give us a few days to look you over, because we have lives, too. THANK YOU, ♥, Platypus Jones.

1) You are applying to be a prestigious Pokénaut, hold up this honor, and see this challenge through!

2) When applying, you can choose to do either generation 1 or 2 of Pokémon. For further applying rules and first post guidelines, see the application post.

3) You need to have QUALITY artwork. This is a comm for great/creative/unique/hilarious artists to post their work, because let's face it, you can go to DeviantART and search for Pokémon and find a gajillion crappy artwork. This comm is about getting a bunch of awesome people together. When you apply, please provide a number of artworks, and they have to be excellent (and not necessarily Pokémon related). No obvious signs of tracing, no boring, stiff poses, we're looking for quality! If you are unsure if your style is "up to snuff," look at the approved comments in the app and see what kind of people we are looking for.

4) You HAVE to do them IN ORDER. This isn't a "do your favorite Pokémon then quit" project, this is A CHALLENGE that your honor as a Pokénaut requires you to do them in order.

5) You can post up to 9 images a day, no more. They don't have to be posted all at once, but please be respectful toward the watchers, and if one entry has more than 3 on one post, please put the remainder under a cut. Also, if the images a very very large, put them under a cut.

6) There's no time limit, but since it's A CHALLENGE and your POKéNAUT HONOR is at stake, try to keep up with it!

7) The general rule is to color the drawrings of your favorite Pokémon, and the others can be in black and white. If you are feeling ambitious (GOOD FOR YOU, POKéNAUT!) you can do them all in color. Or you can do the not-favorites in a shoddier style than you usually would (though not shitty, please note a difference). But please just remember to keep your quality up, or your honor will be removed and you will be banned.

The original Elite Three:
Platypus Jones
Samuel K
KC Green

The new Elite Three:
Platypus Jones (mundo_fine)
Jemmapluff (oxboxer)
Charmanda Hardy (skoolmunkee)

I believe that's everything.

Preserved for history, here are the original, epic, (outdated but lulzy) rules:


The POKÉMONATHON is an event that was pushed into action by Samuel K, KC Green, and Ernst JexXx.

The POKÉMONATHON is designed to pay respect to the original 151 Pokémon by having artists (henceforth known as Pokénauts) submit a picture of each of the original 151 Pokémon in their own desired artistic medium.

The POKÉMONATHON is also a competition of sorts. It is an endurance match. The winners get nothing, save bragging rights. Points are awarded by the leaders (THE ELITE THREE), but the points don’t mean anything.

In addition to being a tribute and a competition, the POKÉMONATHON is a celebration of the arts. The POKÉMONATHON is designed to allow artists to let their hair down, draw something fun, and talk about cute little monsters with other like-minded individuals.

Those of you who think you have the honor and dignity to participate may apply by contacting one of THE ELITE THREE. Below are our Application Guidelines, Rules and Regulations, Submission Guidelines, and Code of Conduct.

In closing, I’d like to tell a story about Pokémon.

At work the other night, I (Samuel K), asked our maintenance man Charlie what his favorite Pokémon was.

After some careful thought and a long pull off his cigarette he smiled and spoke these words:

“I don’t know. I kinda like all them little fellers.”

This is the essence of the POKÉMONATHON.


1. New applicants MUST provide THE ELITE THREE with a sample of their previous work, in order to assure quality. You must apply with this example in this post right here, okay? This community is about preserving the dignity and the majesty of the original 151 Pokémon, and while the focus of the POKÉMONATHON is not on spectacular art, the effort does demand some experience and talent in any capacity.

2. THE ELITE THREE, upon reviewing the initial art sample, will then decide if the applicant is worthy of the mantle of Pokénaut. Decisions are not strictly based on art quality, but also on the humorousness and the effort put into drawings.

3. While accuracy to the original subject material is appreciated, Pokénauts are expected to be of a different breed. As such, submissions to the POKÉMONATHON must have, in any capacity, some amount of originality. Traces of official artwork are strictly prohibited. Contributing in one's own personal art style is highly encouraged and may result in bonus points or awards.

4. Poor quality art that is still funny will be admitted on the terms that the Pokénaut in question maintains their status as being funny. The humorous content (or lack thereof) is at the discretion of THE ELITE THREE. Failure to remain funny will result in Pokéshame: Fate Worse Than Death.

5. DO NOT APPLY if you feel you are unable to keep up with the rules. A new drawing every five days, or be subject to Pokéshame: Fate Worse Than Death.


1. After THE ELITE THREE have put your application to vote, you will be accepted or not.

2. Acceptance means that within five days you MUST post your first post, namely your drawing of #001 - Bulbasaur.

3. Accompanying your first submission, you must introduce yourself, your previous work, and dub yourself with your new Pokénaut name. Failure to do so will result in immediate Pokéshame: Fate Worse Than Death. When you choose your new name, please try to remember to do it in this fashion:
I was (insert lj name here). But to you, Pokénauts, I am (insert Pokénaut name here).

4. Pokénaut names do not necessarily need to have anything to do with Pokémon, but a pun on the name of a Pokémon is encouraged.


1. Each artist in the POKÉMONATHON must draw each of the original 151 Pokémon, starting with 001 - Bulbasaur and ending with 151 - Mew.

2. Each artist may only post three Pokémon pictures PER DAY. Each Pokémon must be drawin in their own image file. Posting three a day is discouraged, unless a Pokénaut is trying to catch up to the others.

3. If any given Pokénaut goes for a period of five (5) days without posting a new Pokémon, they are OUTTA HERE.

4. If any given Pokénaut needs to extend their grace period of five (5) days, the reasoning must be put under the scrutiny of THE ELITE THREE..

5. Your favorite Pokémon MUST be presented in full color. It would be shameful and disrespectful to portray your favorite Pokémon in any light other than the BEST light.

6. Pokénauts may use any medium (be it traditional drawing, digital art, sculpting, photo manipulation, wood carving, painting, etc.) to add to the POKÉMONATHON.

7. If any Pokénaut is found in violation of these rules, they will be subject to Pokéshame: Fate Worse Than Death. Pokéshame: Fate Worse Than Death is expulsion from the POKÉMONATHON and the offending Pokénaut is no longer allowed to participate, and is henceforth excommunicated from the POKÉMONATHON.

8. The word POKÉMONATHON must always appear in ALL CAPS. Failure to do so will result in admonishment from THE ELITE THREE, and could result in Pokéshame: Fate Worse Than Death.

9. Comics about Pokémon are allowed, but each comic MUST be about the Pokémon the Pokénaut is slated to draw. Other Pokémon and even human characters may appear in the comic, but they MAY NOT be the focus.


1. THE ELITE THREE are the founders of the POKÉMONATHON. They are named by Samuelpi Kachu, Kacilypuff Greem, and Platypus Jones.

2. THE ELITE THREE are near infallible, but are also subject to all rules.

3. When THE ELITE THREE is under violation of any rule, the remaining two members decide his fate.

4. If one of THE ELITE THREE falls victim to Pokéshame: Fate Worse Than Death, the remaining Two decide who takes his place.

5. THE ELITE THREE are judge, jury, and executioner. They have the final word regarding Pokéshame: Fate Worse Than Death and awarding points.


1. Points are awarded to individual Pokénauts by THE ELITE THREE.

2. Points are awarded to Pokénauts based on whatever THE ELITE THREE want to base them on, in any amount THE ELITE THREE wants to give them.

3. Points are not kept track of in any way, and there will be no winner at the end of the game.

4. Awards are given, usually with a point value attached, for going above the call of duty as a Pokénaut.

5. All awards are decided by THE ELITE THREE


1. Artistic criticism, be it constructive or just plain mean, is FORBIDDEN. This is for fun. Not for expanding the Pokénauts' artistic merits.

2. Pokénauts must carry themselves with a sense of pride and with a sense of decorum.

3. Internet lingo is strictly VERBOTEN unless it goes with a joke a Pokénaut is trying to make.

4. Gentlemen must not spit in front of ladies.

5. Pointing the index finger is exceedingly rude and results in immediate Pokéshame: Fate Worse Than Death. Direction must be indicated by pointing with the elbow.

6. Each Pokénaut is responsible for developing their own Pokénaut name. There are no Johns or Susies in the Pokénaut Legion.

7. Swearing and coarse language is strictly forbidden (barring the mention of Seaking).

8. Mentioning Seaking without following it with "FUCK YEAH" may result in Pokéshame: Fate Worse Than Death at discretion of THE ELITE THREE.

9. Arguing with THE ELITE THREE may result in Pokéshame: Fate Worse Than Death at the discretion of THE ELITE THREE.